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Public Adjusters:

A “public adjuster" does not work for any insurance company, is not a public employee, and does not work on behalf of the State of Illinois, Department of Insurance, or any other public agency. They work for you to assist in the preparation, presentation and settlement of your claim. You hire a public adjuster by signing a contract agreeing to pay a fee or commission based on a percentage of your settlement, or other method of compensation. Click Here To View Source

Our Goal is to Help You During Your Loss:

Public adjusters are here to make sure your claim receives all the coverage you are entitled to. We help you file the right documents and submitting your claim with your insurer. Insurance provides the needed financial protection when something unexpected or catastrophic happens to your home. But how do you, as the property owner, make a claim and come to an agreement on the amount you should be paid for the damage? Your insurer will be pushing hard for the lowest-cost option, but this bare minimum may fall short of what you actually need and what your homeowner’s policy promises. This is where we can help and handle your claim. Our job is to make the process easy for you and worry-free.

Timeliness is Important:

After a loss, it is important to reach out us as soon as you can. Contact us via email, phone call, or other means necessary. There is nothing worse than doing it yourself and getting it wrong. Our company has years with experience working with insurance companies and homeowners in Illinois. You can rely on our company to work with the insurance company, follow the directions after a loss and perform the restoration. Save the stress and work with our company.


We care about our reputation and focus on doing our best can so we can successfully win your fight against insurance companies that stand between you and what you’re owed to cover your loss. What makes Quick so much different- We are skilled to value damages correctly so that your claim is substantiated to rebuild properly. We create an urgency to speed up the process and attain funds on your behalf as quickly as possible.