We have the licenses, insurance, bonds, professionalism to help you during times of need

Quick has the needed knowledge about coverage contracts, so you get all the funds entitled to you. We can significantly diminish the time you spend dealing with claim-associated issues.

We will review your insurance claim coverage, your exclusions and deductibles, and your rights and responsibilities. We’ll handle the insurance claim settlement negotiation so that the insurance company does not take advantage of you

Quick restoration specializes in property damage- specifically fire and water damage restoration- in commercial and residential properties

We are available to help 24/7 as water or fire damage can occur at any time of the day

Accidents happen. When they do, choose us!

Our process-

First - Secure your property and inspection

After a disaster, secure your property. Cover damaged roofs, install temporary fences, and board up doors. Quick will personally inspect your property and make sure that the property is safe for us to enter. We will check for any signs of structural damage that might cause further issues to the property.

Second- Valuation

We will schedule a time to remove any debris that we may find in your home and perform an inspection. We will determine values for your damage. We will analyze your existing insurance policies for applicable coverage. We keep your best interest in mind throughout every step of the process.

Third- Negotiation.

Quick will use our extensive knowledge and strategies to act on your behalf against the insurance company. We will handle ALL of the communication with the insurance company.

Fourth- Project Preparation

We will begin removing any stains, deep clean or remove any excess water prior to the final reconstruction. We will use the experience and tools to plan out the reconstruction timeline and planned completion.

Fifth- Reconstruction and Settlement.

After the insurance provider will send the maximum compensation, our top-quality construction team will ensure your property is quickly and efficiently reconstructed to exceed your expectations.

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